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CentACS Certified Consultants

Certified WorkPlace, SchoolPlace and 360° consultants have participated in our Basic Certification Program, either directly through CentACS or a CentACS Master Trainer. Certified consultants work as internal and external Human Resource and Organizational Development professionals, executive coaches, trainers and facilitators and managers. To find a CentACS Certified Professional to work with you in your area, please see the Certified Consultant Directory.

CentACS Global Partners

Our Global partners are CentACS product specialists that provide support and training to a multi-country geographic area.  Currently our Global Partner is:

   George Quek, Distinctions Asia

Distinctions Asia website 

Master Trainers

Our Master Trainers are trained by CentACS to certify individuals in the WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ and SchoolPlace Big Five Profile™.  They have participated in advanaced training and also offer WorkPlace and SchoolPlace-related consulting services.  Click CentACS Masters Trainers to view a current list.