The Five Supertraits

Introduction to the SchoolPlace Big Five Profile™:

In 2003, the Center for Applied Cognitive Studies introduced the SchoolPlace Big Five Profile™, a 134-item survey with schoolplace-oriented language that measures 5 supertraits and 23 subtraits.

The company has now introduced the Big Five into the educational environment, using language more familiar to students to provide excellent results for that community.

The Five Supertraits that describe school-related behavior are—

 Need for Stability (N)

Need for Stability

Explains how young people respond to and handle stressful situations.

  • Worry
  • Temper
  • Outlook
  • Coping Level

Extraversion (E)


Explains the degree to which one enjoys being in the thick of the action.

  • Approach level
  • Group orientation
  • Pace
  • Leadership
  • Trust
  • Tact

Originality (O)


Explains the degree to which one is open to new things.

  • Imagination
  • Range of interests
  • Innovation
  • Zoom Scale

Accommodation (A)


Is the degree to which someone accommodates others.

  • Service
  • Compliance
  • Humility
  • Speaking out level

Consolidation (C)


Explains the degree to which one pushes toward goals.

  • Thoroughness
  • Structure
  • Ambition
  • Concentration
  • Methodicalness