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Basic Certification Program

Monday (8:30 – 5:00), Tuesday (8:30 – 5:00), and Wednesday (8:30 – Noon)

Price: See Table

Online version also available

Taught in a face-to-face classroom setting (online format also available) in Charlotte, NC, the Basic Certification Program provides complete introductory training for understanding and interpreting the WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ 4.0 and SchoolPlace Big Five Profile™ 4.0. Participants experience an initial feedback session and participate in a variety of activities and exercises that teach the basic elements of the SchoolPlace and WorkPlace. Over the two and a half days, participants practice applying their knowledge to work-related case studies that progress from the five supertraits to the 23 subtraits to the 54 trait-based competencies. Participants learn about the Howards’ Human Resource Optimization Model (including the various competency “fit” strategies: Develop, Support, Compensate, Caution, and Capitalize) and how to apply the model. Upon successful completion of this program, a participant can be awarded 4.5 CEU’s.

The basic program features a Pre-requisite, Online, Multi-Modal Program which typically takes from 2 to 10 hours to complete depending upon a participant’s level of knowledge and experience with personality assessments. Covered in this online supplement are technical fundamentals that users need to know such as:

  • The History of the Five-Factor Model of Personality
  • Sources of Personality (including current research on Genetics & Environment)
  • Trait Theory
  • Ethics
  • Psychometrics (including Validity and Reliability of the WorkPlace)

CentACS recommends 2 -3 weeks for pre-course study (the Pre-requisite, online supplement program and readings in the Professional Manual) before attending the Basic Certification Program. Access to the Pre-work supplement and Readings will be sent once registration and payment are received.

WorkPlace Performance™ 360° Certification Program

Thursday (8:30 – 5:00)

Price: See Table

Online version also available

Our enhanced 360° tool brings the language of WorkPlace competencies and flexibility into a powerful multi-rater performance evaluation tool. This includes evaluation and reporting on:

  • WorkPlace Competencies
  • Customizable Competencies, Items, Anchors and Rater Categories
  • Ability to rank Competencies by Strength and/or Importance
  • Ranking of Behaviors that comprise Competencies
  • Highlighting of Challenges, Comfort Zones, Hidden Strengths and Blind Spots
  • Gap Analysis by Strength and/or Importance
  • Optional Add-In Global and Per-Item Comments
  • Clear and Concise Reports incorporating Graphical and Tabular formats
  • Intuitive Web-based Client Administration

Participants will receive:

  • A WorkPlace Performance™ 360° Certification Program Notebook
  • The WorkPlace Performance™ 360° Professional Manual
  • A complete, full-color, sample WorkPlace Performance™ 360° Report

Specialized Work Application Programs (SWAPs)

SWAP 1: Building Teams

Wednesday (1:00 – 5:00 pm)

Price: See Table

One of the primary ways the WorkPlace is used by consultants is in providing an excellent data source for team building or organizational development situations. During this in-depth, ½-day, Specialized Work Application Program (SWAP), participants practice interpreting case studies of actual teams using Supertraits and Supertraits/Subtraits of the WorkPlace. In addition, participants receive a copy of The Teamer, a Focus Report designed especially for teams that contains the WorkPlace scores of the class participants as if they were an actual work team. The Teamer results are discussed by the participant group. Participants must have completed a WorkPlace 4.0 Basic Certification Program before attending the Building Teams SWAP.

SWAP 2: Coaching Leaders & Planning Careers

Friday (8:30 – 5:00)

Price: See Table

For WorkPlace users who plan to incorporate the WorkPlace in such business contexts as executive coaching, leadership training, career development, or 360° surveying, the Center recommends that users attend this in-depth, 1-Day SWAP. Participants must have completed a WorkPlace 4.0 Basic Certification Program before attending the Coaching Leaders & Planning Careers SWAP. As part of this SWAP, participants receive their own results on two important special reports that are based upon the WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ 4.0:

  • The Leader
  • The Career Guider

During the session participants:

  • Prepare and practice established coaching steps for giving feedback using actual case studies and their own individual reports
  • Review the various report modules of the Leader Report
  • Review the various modules of the Career Guider
  • Discuss key elements of a WorkPlace-based leadership training program

SWAP 3: Selection A to Z

(available on-line only)

Price: See Table

For consultants who plan to use the WorkPlace to profile jobs and select the best fitting person for the job, the Center recommends enrolling in this in-depth SWAP on selection. Participants must have completed a WorkPlace 4. 0 Basic Certification Program before beginning the online Selection SWAP. All steps in a typical selection process are covered whether you have incumbents or are creating a new position. Discussion is based upon actual selection projects and participants receive sample copies of:

  • The Job Profiler for Traits
  • The Interview Guide
  • Selection SWAP Notebook

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