Get Certified

CentACS Big Five Certification Programs

CentACS offers WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ and SchoolPlace Big Five Profile™ in-depth certification programs in an engaging and interactive format to give consultants the tools and knowledge needed to apply the assessment in a variety of applications and settings.

CentACS offers online WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ assessments through individuals trained to administer the assessment. These individuals are:

  • Organizational Development and Human Resource professionals
  • Managers
  • External consultants
  • Executive coaches
  • Professors
  • Trainers, facilitators
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychologists

A game-changing step.

Want to help optimize and engage employees at work? Gain insight into your own personality drivers and motivations? Develop a consulting practice helping employers maximize their human resources investment?

Becoming WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ certified is a powerful and distinctive value-added offering for HR, OD and other professionals to add to their tool kits, resumes and portfolios.

Attend a certification program and —

  • Become certified to use the WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ and/or SchoolPlace Big Five Profile™
  • Gain insight into your personal assessment results
  • Participate in classroom discussion, activities, and exercises including practical case studies and performance applications
  • Practice relating the assessments to leadership development, team effectiveness, career planning, coaching, job selection, 360° performance assessment and selling and influencing through specialized consultant reports
  • Dive deep into WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ applications by attending the Specialized WorkPlace Application Programs (SWAPS)
  • Explore the WorkPlace and SchoolPlacel as the optimal standards for assessments, current research on personality and coaching leaders, guiding careers and building teams
  • Adopt the Center for Applied Cognitive Studies’ code of ethics and apply it to working with clients