Success Stories

Success Stories from WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ and SchoolPlace Big Five Profile™ Certified Professionals

Bringing Behavior into the Conversation with the WorkPlace Big Five Profile™

“I have been certified and used several assessment tools during my career. Participating in the WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ certfication program with Jane and Pierce Howard gave me a deeper understanding of an uparalleled assessment tool and how to integrate it into my leadership development work for Adventist Health System (AHS). As importantly, the empirical nature of the WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ and the certfication program provided me with a business-oriented approach for the use of psychological information in our organization.  Our leaders can now see the value of discussing personal behavioral attributes and how that awareness impacts the success of the individual, and therefore, our organization. As I’ve done coaching, leadership development and team building with the WorkPlace Big Five Profile, the WorkPlace Leader Report and the WorkPlace Teamer Report, I have witnessed the effectiveness of the tool in supporting hiring and promotion decisions within AHS.  In fact, the tool has been so well received that the more programs I provide using WorkPlace, the more “word of mouth” requests I receive to do more. The tool offers us a grounded approach to address the behavioral component of communication, confict and change within the organization. My competence in addressing these areas has increased as a result of this training.

For the individual who has never used behavioral assessment tools, I think WorkPlace certification is invaluable to understanding the hard-wiring between personal preferences and day-to-day work behaviors and results. Participating in WorkPlace certification is a revelation that individual performance is as much about who a person is rather than the knowledge they possess. When we openup the possibilities accessible through personality awarenes, we allow people to flourish in their role.”

Mike Wood, Director, Leadership Development

Adventist Health System