WorkPlace™ Performance 360° Qualification

Qualification for WorkPlace Performance 360°

How to Establish Your Qualification to Purchase the WorkPlace™ Performance 360°

In order to purchase the WorkPlace™ Performance 360°, you must establish with the publisher/distributor that you have experience using other 360° assessments.

Kindly complete the form below and we will evaluate your information for possible qualification. We will acknowledge your qualification status by letter.

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Briefly describe your experience using other 360° assessments
If you are a student (or mentee), please list professor's (or advisor's) name and email address here who is willing to mentor you while using the WorkPlace™ Performance 360°
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By submitting this form, I:

  • Certify that I have sufficient experience with other 360° assessments to responsibly administer and provide feedback using the WorkPlace™ Performance 360°
  • Agree to monitor the entire process of administering the WorkPlace™ Performance 360° from setup through report feedback and will ensure that I and others keep reports confidential

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We respond to these requests within 3-4 business days. If you do not hear back from us within this time frame, please feel free to contact us at or 1.800.244.5555 extension 125 or +1.704.331.0926 extension 125 for international clients. Thank you.