Who Should Use It?

Student assessments for real-life

The Center for Applied Cognitive Studies provides online SchoolPlace Big Five Profile™ assessments to independent consultants and schools.

Schools, colleges and universities introduce the Five-Factor Model through the SchoolPlace Big Five Profile™ to help students with personal development, team building and career choices.

Students are better able to select the right educational program, prepare for careers, and study effectively.

Career counselors and coaches use SchoolPlace Big Five Profile™ to enable students to:

  • Learn their unique personality profile
  • Understand how behavioral traits can help assess career options
  • Tailor learning strategies to optimize learning
  • Capitalize on strengths
  • Minimize and understand challenges
  • Explore career and academic options that are a best fit

For those involved in the workplace hiring process—

Organizations use SchoolPlace to hire students directly from an educational setting. SchoolPlace Big Five Profile™ is a crucial step in the selection process.

Using the WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ (parallel instrument to SchoolPlace Big Five Profile™), hiring organizations first determine a job-specific target profile, then use SchoolPlace Big Five Profile™ to assess student candidates against the target profile.

This is effective because the SchoolPlace Big Five Profile™ uses language and questions far more familiar to a student than work-related questions.