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The Owner’s Manual Happiness: Essential Elements for a Meaningful Life

braincover In THE OWNER’S MANUAL FOR THE BRAIN: The Ultimate Guide to Peak Mental Performance At All Ages, 4th Edition,
Director of Research and Development at the Center for Applied Cognitive Studies, Dr. Pierce J. Howard, digests the most up-to-date brain research to help readers understand why—and how—our brains work the way they do. Providing brain “hacks” and wading through the tedium of academic detail to discover ways to boost mental prowess, Dr. Howard speaks to lifelong learners, thinkers, educators, new parents, managers, and more in this revised and updated guidebook that is humorous, relatable, and written for maximum usability.
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The Owner’s Manual for Personality at Work, 2nd Edition


PAW1 This book covers the WorkPlace Big Five Profile supertraits, subtraits, and competencies that describe how people respond to stress, adjust to their environment, determine interests, work with others, and establish their roles and goals. It includes workplace case studies and useful applications in areas such as: leadership, job profiling and selection, education and training, coaching, career planning, teamwork, and after-hours applications.





The Owner’s Manual for Personality from 12 to 22


The Owner's Manual for Personality From 12 to 22 What The Owner’s Manual for Personality did for human resource professionals in the workplace, The Owner’s Manual for Personality from 12 to 22 does for those who work with adolescents in the schoolplace. What prompted this new book is the recent launch of the SchoolPlace Big Five Profile, which is normed on 1,600 twelve- to twenty-two-year-olds from both private and public, secondary and higher education, across the United States. This book both updates and expands the material and scope from the earlier book, while applying what we know about the Big Five to working with teenagers. Topics covered include learning styles, classroom behaviors, student leadership, relationships, dealing with conflict, career planning, plus detailed discussions of the SchoolPlace Big Five Profile 4.0 supertraits and subtraits.





The Owner’s Manual for Happiness


The Owner's Manual for Happiness “…and the pursuit of Happiness” is a line we hear all the time. It is ingrained in us as children that life is about pursuing happiness. But how many of us can say we ever really achieve it? If you stop and think about it, do you really know what it would feel like to be truly happy? And if you achieved it, how long would it last? Dr. Pierce Howard’s new book The Owners Manual for Happiness: Essential Elements for a Meaningful Life explores these questions.

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The Owner’s Manual for Happiness
The Owner’s Manual for Personality at Work, 2nd edition
The Owner’s Manual for Personality from 12 to 22
The Owner’s Manual for the Brain, 4th edition